Welcome to Prague

We leaved our beautiful accommodation who was very welcoming.

Let’s go to walk all the day through the capital. We went to a high point of the city. Our guide by the school gymnasium explained to us the story and he showed us the many church. It was very impressive.

In front of the president’s house of Czech Republic, we looked the exchange of the republican guard. It was funny and impressive because the guard was serious and very precise in their gesture. I admire them !

The afternoon, we could shop in the street of this capital. There was a lot of souvenir shop and a lot of tourist like the chinease which took pictures every times ; )

We took also the subway. It was very deep because it through below the river !

At 8:00 am we leaved Prague to come back in France. After sixteen hours of bus, we arrived in our high-school with our friends Czech. We were tired and a new week beginning… Lucas

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