The first day in Le Mans

On Monday, we arrived to France. When we came to Le Mans, to lycée La Germinière, we had a small tour of the school. We saw classrooms (or rooms), where students work with agriculture technique (like tractors), and their library. Their school is very nice.  

After it, we had lunch at their school canteen. The lunch was a surprise for me. There were cheese, desert, main dish, salad… I wasn’t able to eat everything (but I really wanted!).

After the lunch, we visited the historical centre of Le Mans. I was so excited, because I love history and the houses, the cathedral… it was incredible. And the roman wall is amazing with its ornaments.

We were in a city hall, where we got some gifts (books about Le Mans, a pen,a bag) and we gave presents to the major of the city. In the afternoon, we finally could go to our hotel. Our rooms weren’t much specious, but every room has a bathroom with a toilet, so it was OK. I put my pyjamas on at 5 p.m., because I was soooo tired. Sasha

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