On Saturday morning we left Le Mans. After 2 hours, we arrived to Paris. We started at Tuileries garden and Louvre, from Louvre we went to Les Invalides and Eiffel tower. Because in the morning the weather was cold, we decided for tour by ship on the Seina. But the ship was open, so we were literally freeze. When the ship anchored again, we went to the underground and it took us to the area Pigalle, where we saw lots of interesting things, like  Moulin Rouge (from the outside). From Pigalle, we went to Sacré-Cœur. There is a beautiful view to whole Paris. We finished our tour around Paris at Champ- Élysées. And we returned home.

I was so sad during the way. Yes, I looked forward to my home and my family, but everything (and everyone) what stayed behind me I´ll miss . Sasha


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