Our tuesday in France

We went with the Czech students at the ITEM. It’s a school which forms students to make music instrument. It was a visit very interesting, we learned a lot of thing about the music instrument and their manufacturing.

We came back to our high-school and we improvised a visit of the farm. The Czech students seemed discover for the first time a farm like our high-school. It was a nice time to speak with their and enjoy with the veals and cows.

On the afternoon, we visited the race track and the locals where the race is organised. We saw all the race track with the screens and cameras. It was great. In more our guide was the old director of the race. Even if I know this famous race and I already went here. It was a good moment to speek with the director and the Czech people and learn a lot of things.

This trip and these meetings were unforgettable. I spend a very good times and it was great to improve my english. Lucas

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