Discovering the Czech landscape

After a morning in traditional music and in a traditional dance with the Czech peoples for the 100 years of their school : Gymnázium. We walked in the countryside. But just for the voluntary. Because a lot of us were tired.

We started this walk and we losted al-ready three students. But they come back with us five minutes later. We saw horses in a stud. We saw also on the top of the hill a kinf of mirador. It was over ther that we went. It seemed so far.

The weather on these paths was nice, with the sun but not so hot, it was perfect. The colours of the automn was magnificent. We were between the forest and the field of almond trees.

We were going through the almond trees. It’s one of the specialities of Czech Republic. Arrived to the mirador, there was a hammer for try to break the almonds to eat. I havent try because I dislike the almonds.

I prefered go up to the mirador and see the beautiful automn landscape. We could see 360 degrees. Far off, we could see a very large lake, the church of Hustopeče, vineyard and a lot of almond trees.

It was a very nice walk probably the best. Lucas

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